The following are the options available in the market. We don’t represent any of the following nor recommend their service. The purpose is just providing you the optinos available and for you to do your own research and educate yourself about the solar industry: <- This is a great tool to analyze savings potential depending on your specific house positioning and structure. <- This group is a nonprofit organization that organizes bulk purchasing programs (solar co-ops) for homeowners. They don’t do the installations, but help groups of homeowners solicit proposals and pick a single installer to work with as a group. Solar United Neighbors charges co-op installers $600 for each participant that goes solar, which allows them to implement the nonprofit co-op programs free of charge to homeowners.

The following is a calculator that may help you estimate your savings:


This page is still under construction and we are working on adding more resources to help you get informed about solar panels, systems and the best way for you to go solar!

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